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Vintage Edison Filament LED Tubular Bulbs

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What is an LED filament bulb?

An LED filament bulb is designed to imitate the original Edison filament bulb—the first kind of light bulb—using LED technology.

Lots of vintage or antique lights are in the filament bulb style.

The main features are:

the distinctive warm-yellow glow they emit

the visible long, winding filaments in the glass

They can come in lots of different shapes including globes, squirrel cages or teardrops. 

LED filament bulbs were developed to solve the problem of using traditional carbon filaments and modern tungsten coil technology, both of which aren’t energy-efficient. Instead, LEDs are lined up in a row inside an LED filament bulb to imitate the effect of the traditional filament while using less energy than the original version.

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